Website Development

We start by discussing your ideas and expectations for the website! Tell us what you have in mind for your project pages, features, and content. 

What we need from you to get started:

-Preferred Website Design

If there is a website you like the look and feel of, it helps us with the design.  As  part of our web design process , we ask you to show us websites that you have recently seen online that you like the look and feel of. This helps me to understand what aspects you like most – how the navigation is laid out, whether there is a large slider on the homepage,  footer layout, color scheme, etc. We start building your website once we have an understanding of what you want. If you have no particular wishes, we are happy to be creative.

-The Pages

Write down what pages you want for your website. A typical small business website would maybe include:
•Home page
•About Us page
•Our Services
•Contact Us
•Other information

-What are you offering

Make it very clear to the visitor what you are offering / selling. You have a few second to convince the visitors that they have landed on the right page. Work with good keyword phrases.

-Content Writing

Provide us your web content. We understand you may not always have time to write or provide the content that is needed. Content writing and editing services are available to help ease your mind and save you time.


If you have any images of you or your business, it helps. It is very nice and it gives credibility if you can include some of your own photos and not only stock images. We will source up to 2 stock images for your website if needed.


If you have a logo we would like you to send it to us. We will use it on the website and we will make sure that the color scheme on the website works well with your logo. If you have a logo in .png with a transparent background, it always helps.

-Website Hosting and Domain name

You will need to give us access to your hosting company and server. This is where we build your website. If not, you will need to register your domain name and obtain a hosting account for your website. Our preferred web hosting service is