“Our non-profit charity has been working with Lena for close to a year now. She redesigned our web site, and makes periodic updates. Her work is always exactly what we specify. She understands the subject matter of our work (health research) and is always prompt and professional. I highly recommend her as a web master.”

~ Joe M

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am at the website Lena just built for me. As a camp founder/director, I was looking to build a website that provided potential campers and parents with camp information, pricing, required forms, and upcoming events.
I found myself constantly emailing parents with forms and information on a weekly basis. Lena solved this problem by building and designing a website that is appealing to the eye, and user friendly, providing visitors with all the essential information needed to sign up. The site is also flexible and easy to change if necessary. She met all of my requests and even suggested a few others that really worked well for the site. If I ever have a question regarding something on the site, she is quick to respond with a solution or suggestion. Since its launch, I’ve had numerous compliments on the new website and would recommend Lena to anyone interested in building one.”
Matt B

“Working with Lena was pure pleasure. I asked her to design a website, and she delivered exactly what I was looking for. She communicated better than any freelancer I have worked with so far. Reliable and excellent service.”
-Josephine S

“I chose Lena to work with from several people that replied to an ad I posted for help in re-designing my small business website. She seemed to fit the kind of person I was looking for to help me with this project. We talked on the phone and then met in-person. She was terrific from start to finish, being able to design in a website that which I had imagined in my head. She kept to our deadlines, didn’t string me along, and was always available. We met in-person several times before it was completed. She not only worked on my website, but also showed me how to use WordPress and make changes when I needed to. I am now comfortable modifying my website, something which Lena made possible. She provided great value and service. I’m very happy with my website and highly recommend her to anyone else looking to create or re-design their website.”

“I enjoyed working with Lena, she had the patience of a saint and the knowledge to go with it . She changed the site at my will
and gave informative advise  as to what can and cannot be done. I was completely satisfied with her and her ability.
I would recommend her to anyone”.

-Robert Fadil    President French Mist LLC

“As chairperson of the Strengthen Our Sisters board, I want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided by creating our new website. The home page was the perfect selection for the introduction to our organization and mission. It is very user friendly so that people can navigate the website with ease to learn about our organization and with clarity, contact us. In addition, you have been a pleasure to work with understanding our wants and needs and available for questions and suggestions.”
-Reverend Ann Benedetto